MultiSensor-DOOR (Black) wireless and battery powered

Radio (BLE) Battery
Ultra-compact MultiSensor for intrusion and status monitoring of doors and windows including ambient monitoring of temperature, humidity and dew point. The sensor is additionally equipped with a 3-axis G-sensor and detects vibration and position changes (sabotage detection, attempted break-in, glass breakage).
The MultiSensor-DOOR replaces classic door contacts and can be mounted very easily by gluing or screwing it on. The supplied door/window magnet serves as a counterpart for secure opening detection.
The MultiSensor-DOOR is battery operated and has a long battery life (up to four years). It is connected to an MultiSenor-LAN via radio (BLE).

Monitor opening state of windows & doors with wireless sensor

Alarm notification when windows are open to prevent energy loss and minimize safety risks.

Burglary monitoring of windows with radio sensor

Detection of attempted break-ins at windows activates immediate alarm and deters potential intruders.

Door intrusion monitoring with radio sensor

Real-time monitoring of doors to detect and prevent unauthorized access or intrusion at an early stage.

Monitor room temperature

Monitor room temperature for high/low values to protect against heat damage or overheating of equipment.

Ambient monitoring for storage rooms

Monitoring of climate conditions in storage rooms to ensure optimal storage conditions for sensitive goods.

Monitor rooms for intrusion & movement

Detection of movements in rooms to safeguard and prevent security risks and losses.

Monitor humidity dew point and climate

Monitoring humidity and indoor climate for optimal indoor conditions or to prevent mold growth.

Monitor heating failure and frost protection

Heating failure alarm prevents frost damage and protects sensitive equipment and devices.

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Delivery Contents

  • 1 MultiSensor DOOR
  • 1 door contact
  • 1 Lithium battery 1/2AA