MultiSensor-ROOM (black) battery powered and wireless

Radio (BLE) Battery
Wireless MultiSensor for ceiling mounting and monitoring of rooms and areas up to approx. 25m². The MultiSensor-ROOM is battery operated and has a long battery life of up to 4 years. It is connected to a MultiSensor LAN via radio (BLE).
Integrated sensors for: Temperature, humidity, dew point, early fire detection, motion, vibration/shock.

Monitor room temperature

Monitor room temperature for high/low values to protect against heat damage or overheating of equipment.

Server room environment monitoring according to basic protection (ISO27001)

Constant monitoring of the server room for temperature, humidity and intruders to ensure the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure.

Ambient monitoring for storage rooms

Monitoring of climate conditions in storage rooms to ensure optimal storage conditions for sensitive goods.

Monitor office space for burglary, fire, climate

Comprehensive monitoring of the office for movement, temperature and air quality to ensure safety and comfort.

Monitor air conditioning and indoor climate

Monitoring of the air conditioning system ensures efficient performance and prevents malfunctions to optimize indoor climate and energy efficiency.

Monitor rooms for intrusion & movement

Detection of movements in rooms to safeguard and prevent security risks and losses.

Monitor humidity dew point and climate

Monitoring humidity and indoor climate for optimal indoor conditions or to prevent mold growth.

Early fire detection for IT and server rooms with environment monitoring

Early detection of fires caused by fire gases or increased temperature in the server room to protect sensitive IT infrastructure and data.

Monitor heating failure and frost protection

Heating failure alarm prevents frost damage and protects sensitive equipment and devices.


Magnetic holder for Kentix Devices (KAM, KMS, KXP, KPM)
  • Magnet mounting bracket
Magnetic holder for mounting a Kentix device on metallic surfaces, e.g. in a 19" IT rack. Suitable for KAM-BASIC / PRO, KXP-16, KMS-LAN, KMS-LAN-RF, KMS- RF, KMS-RF-BAT, KMS-TI.

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Battery Lithium 1/2AA-3.6V (KMS-DOOR, KMS-ROOM)
Battery for: KMS-DOOR-x, KMS-ROOM-xLithium-Thionylchlorid battery 3.6V, size: 1/2AA (LS14250), capacitiy: 1.200mAh, weight 10g, temperature range: 0 - 80°C

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19-Inch Mounting Bracket for MultiSensors (Type: KMS-xx)
  • 1-HE mounting bracket
  • Optimal alignment
1-HE mounting bracket made of sheet metal for mounting Kentix MultiSensors in a 19" IT rack. Suitable for mounting of KMS-LAN, KMS-LAN-RF, KMS-RF, KMS-TI, KXP-16, KPM-100. The sensor mounting is done in optimal downward orientation. The rack mounting protects the devices against unauthorized access and eliminates the need for additional cabling in the server room.

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MultiSensor mit Ethernet (PoE) and PIR sensor (360°)
KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) Sysport
  • Integrated sensors: 8
  • Monitored threats: up to 19
  • Web server (HTTPS)
  • LAN-RADIO (BLE) repeater integrated
MultiSensor for comprehensive room monitoring of up to 20 hazards. Monitors an area of approx. 20-25m². Connection is via Ethernet with PoE (Class 1) and thus requires no further cabling. Operation is possible as a stand-alone sensor with already integrated KentixONE software (HTTPS) or via a networked KentixONE system with AlarmManager or SiteManager. It is mounted on the ceiling using the supplied mounting bracket. Optionally, mounting in the IT rack is also possible with the 19" bracket (accessory).Integrated sensors: temperature, humidity, dew point, carbon monoxide sensor (CO), 360° PIR motion sensor, 3-axis G-sensor, digital input/outputs.Also ideal as an independent room sensor to complement network monitoring systems (PRTG, Nagios, CheckMK, etc) via SNMP-V2/3 or REST API. The sensor can also send alarm email in stand-alone mode.

€495.00 excl. VAT
Variants from €525.00

Delivery Contents

  • 1x MultiSensor-ROOM
  • 1x Battery lithium 1/2AA (LS14250)
  • Mounting material