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First things first: We only have one software, that is KentixONE. This runs on all networkable products as so-called embedded software and always has the same version for all products. This makes it easy for you and gives us the advantage of being able to apply much more effective software development methods. We believe that simplicity is an essential key for secure systems and future-oriented developments.

Another important point: Due to the fact that the software is always integrated, it is always running at your site, so all data is at your site. We believe that distributed systems are much more resilient to external influences than centralized or cloud-based systems. Security technology must always function autonomously. Our additional services are limited to software maintenance and convenience services but are not an integral part of the actual function. This means that with KentixONE everything always fits together!

Grafical User Interface (GUI)

KentixONE, as an IoT solution, is based on the most advanced web technologies and thus offers a state-of-the-art graphical user interface in the web browser that can be understood in no time. To make it as easy and intuitive to use as possible, there are different levels, such as the "EasyView" view. With this, you can see the complete system status at a glance. The Kentix thumb serves as the central element. It shows whether your building, infrastructure or system is secure. If action is required, KentixONE directs you to the "DetailView" view to learn more about alarm or warning conditions. The "DetailView" view accurately maps the structure of your project by building, floor, room or function. Extensive filtering and intelligent search functions take you directly to the information you need. The KentixONE interface is both configuration and user interface.

Scalability from small to BIG

Decentralized system architectures offer significantly higher system resilience compared to centralized ones. When applied consistently, the higher resilience is an important aspect in the operation of safety-related systems. KentixONE can be operated dencentrally across many levels without additional effort. Even if entire network segments fail, a large part of the function and security remains intact. Another advantage is that you can start your project with just one door or sensor and expand it at any time. And all this without having to worry about the software.

Software-Maintenance and Online-Services

Every product here in the store marked with KentixONE already has the software integrated and can be used directly. The license itself is free of charge and can be used for as long as you like. To be always up to date, we offer KentixONE-GO. This is software maintenance with regular updates and the online services to access your own systems from anywhere with the app. KentixONE-GO is only required once per project, i.e. networked system.

The most important KentixONE functions at a glance


  • Smart WEB Dashboard

  • Smartphone APP (iOS, Android)

  • E-Mail – PUSH – SMS

  • Multitenant

  • Autom. Softwaredeployment

  • Autom. Backups


  • LDAP and Active Directory

  • REST-API works with JSON

  • WEB-Hooks (JSON, XML CSV)

  • SNMP V2/3 with standard MIB

  • Modbus TCP/RTU

  • Alarm-synchronized videos


  • Own SSL/TLS certificates

  • Own REST-API keys

  • AES128/256 encryption

  • Regular security updates

  • Sabotage and live monitoring

  • IEEE802.1.X authentification

KentixONE in detail

Here you will find an overview of all software functions. These are available depending on the device type (SmartAccess, SmartMonitoring, SmartPDU). If all system areas are networked and managed via AlarmManager or SiteManager, all functions are available centrally. Data sheets on hardware and integrated sensors can be found directly with the respective products.

User Interface (GUI)

Configuration and control

  • Integrated web server (HTTPS, port: 443) supports all common browsers
  • KentixONE app for smartphone (iOS, Android) and smartwatch (iOS), part of KentixONE-GO
  • Dashboard views as EasyView (overview) and DetailView (detail and navigation view)
  • Measured values, status values and operation as information tiles or table views
  • Extensive filter functions for views via predefined and custom filters
  • Any navigation depth according to project structure (buildings, plants, floors, functions, etc.)
  • Intelligent search over entire system with logical and mathematical operators
  • Teach-in and assignment of physical and virtual devices directly in the dashboard
  • Multi-client capability for separation of company and functional areas
  • Authorization management with freely configurable user groups
  • Freely configurable visualization elements for sensors-actuators
  • Graphical display of measured value curves

General functions

Functions available in all modules

  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese
  • Measured values for temperature in Celcius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F)
  • System time with time zone, two NTP servers configurable
  • Automatic backup to SD card, SMB network drive
  • Logbook for all system-specific events with export function
  • Update function for manual updates or online updates (via KentixONE-GO software maintenance)
  • E-mail messages via SMTP (SSL/TLS) or via KentixONE-GO service
  • Push messages to KentixONE app via KentixONE-GO service
  • SMS messages with devices like AlarmManager with built-in LTE/4G modem
  • Inheritance of configuration settings (thresholds, parameters) via the project structure
  • Maintenance mode with time control of the maintenance period and reclosing


General security setup

  • Web server (HTTPS), own SSL certificate usable
  • User based API Key
  • IEEE 802.1X port authentication for all devices with Ethernet
  • AES128/256 encryption for radio and bus connections
  • Regular security updates via KentixONE-GO service
  • Communication and sabotage monitoring depending on sensor, product
  • Own RFID MIFARE® DESfire® security applications can be used
  • Double authentication can be activated, PIN lengths adjustable


Access management and control

  • Extensive real-time access management based on access and time profiles
  • Own real-time access logbook with overview of all bookings with video history
  • Recording of short video sequences of the access to each booking
  • Time access profiles freely configurable
  • Extensive filter functions for users to search by authorization and profiles
  • Configurable storage depth of access history according to data protection guidelines
  • Display and monitoring of door status and door hit time
  • Remote opening with video preview
  • Adjustable relay and startup times
  • Time-controlled door opening or engagement of door knobs and door handles
  • Assignment to alarm groups with automatic arm/disarm switching
  • Battery level indication and monitoring for radio battery components
  • Monthly statistics with bookings and false bookings
  • Use of the KentixONE app as a mobile access medium, use of NFC tags.
  • Sending time-limited access authorizations to smartphones
  • Management of emergency access for battery-powered components


Environmental monitoring with intrusion detection, early fire detection, external fault messages and network monitoring

  • Extensive alarm, warning and status management of measured values
  • Dedicated event log for alarms warnings and status messages with video history
  • Direct alarm warning display with quick navigation to the information point
  • Configuration and visualization of all Kentix multisensors
  • Extensive parameter settings for sensors and actuators
  • Visualization of the 4-factor early fire detection system
  • Display of thermal images, configuration of exclusion areas in the thermal image
  • Configuration of any number of alarm groups
  • Very granular configuration of alarm parameters (time, delays, signaling, etc.)
  • Arm-disarm control over the project structure and levels
  • Integration and query of measured values via SNMP V2/3
  • Integrated network availability monitoring (ICMP, port check)


Integration of live-video and recording

  • Display of live video streams in the browser
  • Display of live video streams in the smartphone app (KentixONE-GO service)
  • Insertion of controls in the video image for door opening
  • Assignment of video cameras to doors for access documentation with pre-event
  • Assignment of cameras to alarm groups for video documentation of alarms
  • Configuration of the resolution according to the video camera


Power management via rack PDU or external metering devices

  • Visualization of current and energy readings from Kentix SmartPDU
  • Free configuration of thresholds for alarm warning via a variety of power parameters
  • Switching function for switchable SmartPDU with synchronization of A/B ports, reset function with time control
  • Integration of external measuring devices (meters) with Modbus TCP/RTU
  • Automatic calculation of PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)
  • Graphical representation of load curves
  • Accounting of consumption values in definable energy reports
  • Management of complete server racks as a unit with load monitoring of the A/B supply

System networking

Decentralized system structure of hardware components based on main devices and auxiliary devices (satellites)

  • Creation of arbitrarily large and branched device networks
  • Management structure based on "main devices" and "satellites
  • Automatic management as soon as device is assigned as Main or Satellite
  • Main devices can be hardware appliances or virtual Docker containers
  • Decentralized data storage to intercept network failures
  • Central software management and deployment


Software and hardware interfaces for integration of or into third-party systems

  • LDAP and Active Directory, directory access for user synchronization
  • SMB, Datei- und Ordnerzugriff für Backupverwaltung
  • Restful Application Programming Interface (API) for third-party integration
  • Web hooks, event communication to third-party servers (JSON, XML, CSV)
  • SNMP-V2/3 (Simple Network Management Protocol), GET/SET (PORT:161), TRAP (PORT:162)
  • Modbus RTU/ETH
  • VDS2465 control center proctol


Paid add-on service with app remote control, online updates and technical support

more details about KentixONE-GO...
  • Remote access and control via KentixONE app (iOS, Android), smartwatch (iOS)
  • Functions: Measured values, states, arm/disarm, live video, door control, authorization control, logbooks, etc.
  • Integrated service for push and email notifications
  • Daily availability check (live check) by KentixONE-GO server
  • Online software updates: security updates, function updates, app updates
  • Extended technical support via e-mail with prioritization and call-back service

Products that have already integrated KentixONE


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MultiSensor-LAN with PoE (Black)

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MultiSensor-Thermal Image with 40° optics

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KentixONE SiteManager as hardware appliance

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DoorLock AccessManager (RADIO) for 16 doors

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DoorLock-WA3-IP network reader (MIFARE® DESFire)

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DoorLock-WA6-IP network reader compact (MIFARE® DESFire)

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DoorLock-WA2-IP network reader Flush-Mount (MIFARE® DESFire)

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DoorLock-WA3-IP outdoor (IP66) network reader (MIFARE® DESFire)

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StarterSet SmartMonitoring

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Dual SmartPDU 2HE with 2x 8/C13 (IEC60320), 16A (A+B) with RCM

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