StarterSet SmartMonitoring

KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) Sysport
Starter set for entry into Kentix SmartMonitoring technology for seamless room and building monitoring. Expandable at any time with SmartAccess, SmartVideo and SmartPDU devices. Already integrated KentixONE software via web server (HTTPS) and 4G modem for redundant SMS alarming.

Monitoring of:
Temperature, humidity, climate control, smoldering fire / fire / fire gases (CO), intrusion / unauthorized access, access to unauthorized sub-areas (racks/cabinets), line loss / cable defects, failure of active system components, failure of services (HTTP,SMTP,VPN etc.), defective equipment fans, mains voltage failure, UPS defect failure, UPS remaining runtime and capacity.

  • Possibility to connect up to 50 MultiSensors via radio and LAN
  • Integrated LTE modem with slot for SIM card
  •  SNMP for integration into monitoring systems
  • Alarming via E-MAIL (SSL), SMS or SNMP trap


MultiSensor mit Ethernet (PoE) and PIR sensor (360°)
KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) Sysport
  • Integrated sensors: 8
  • Monitored threats: up to 19
  • Web server (HTTPS)
  • LAN-RADIO (BLE) repeater integrated
MultiSensor for comprehensive room monitoring of up to 20 hazards. Monitors an area of approx. 20-25m². Connection is via Ethernet with PoE (Class 1) and thus requires no further cabling. Operation is possible as a stand-alone sensor with already integrated KentixONE software (HTTPS) or via a networked KentixONE system with AlarmManager or SiteManager. It is mounted on the ceiling using the supplied mounting bracket. Optionally, mounting in the IT rack is also possible with the 19" bracket (accessory).Integrated sensors: temperature, humidity, dew point, carbon monoxide sensor (CO), 360° PIR motion sensor, 3-axis G-sensor, digital input/outputs.Also ideal as an independent room sensor to complement network monitoring systems (PRTG, Nagios, CheckMK, etc) via SNMP-V2/3 or REST API. The sensor can also send alarm email in stand-alone mode.

€495.00 excl. VAT
Variants from €525.00
Digital I/O-Module with 16-Inputs and Ethernet (PoE)
  • 16 digital inputs
  • connection of external alarm messages
  • Integrated web server
  • Power over ethernet (PoE)
The I/O expansion module connects to an AlarmManager/SiteManager and is used to connect external alarm messages. The communication takes place via Ethernet. Thus, the module can be mounted at any location. The configuration is done in the KentixONE..16 digital inputs for dry-contacts (e.g. air-conditioning, UPS system, external sensors, etc.)

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I/O relais adapter for Kentix sytem port
  • I/O adapter
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 2 relay outputs
I/O adapter for connection to Kentix system port for connecting external IN/ OUTPUTS via the system socket2x digital input, 2x relay output

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19-Inch Mounting Frame for Kentix Devices (KAM, KMS, KXP, KPM)
  • 1-HE mounting frame
  • optimal alignment
  • optimal installation
1-HE mounting frame made of sheet metal for mounting up to four Kentix devices in a 19" IT rack. The following devices can be mounted: KAM-BASIC/PRO (1-piece), KXP- 16, KMS-LAN, KMS-LAN-RF, KMS-RF, KMS-TI. By placing the devices in the rack, they are protected against unauthorized access and there is no need for additional cabling in the server room.

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KentixONE-SIM card, 600 SMS for 12 months - ACTIVATION
  • SIM card for SMS alarm-messages with SiteManager/AlarmManager
  • Already included with SiteManager/AlarmManager
  • Network of the German Telekom
  • Contains 600 alarm SMS
  • Only available in DE, AT & CH

The card number (ICCID) is required for activation!
Can be used with SiteManager-V2 and AlarmManager-BASIC/PRO. When the 600 SMS are used up, automatic recharging takes place.KentixONE-SIM card for sending alarm SMS via SiteManager-V2 or AlarmManager-BASIC/PRO.Included ALARM-SMS: 600 messagesMobile network: Deutsche Telekom D1Minimum term: 12 monthsCancellation: with 3 months to the end of the termTerms of use KentixONE-GO Cloud Service at "".

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Delivery Contents

  • 1x AlarmManager-PRO (KAM-PRO-x-BLE)
  • 1x MultiSensor-LAN (KMS-LAN-x-BLE)
  • 1x MultiSensor-DOOR (KMS-DOOR-x-BLE)
  • 2x SlimLine Patchkabel 3m
  • 1x SIM-Karte (Aktivierung nötig)