• Safety technology becomes SIMPLE and DIGITAL

    2 things before you start

    1. Most Kentix products require only a network connection with PoE. The rest operate wireless.
    2. Kentix products already have the software integrated and can be upscaled indefinitely. Everything fits together.
  • Kentix products are always easy to install

    The Kentix

    See at a glance
    the level of simplicity for
    the installation of our products.

  • More Security & Flexibility for your business


    Kentix SmartAccess solutions already include
    the complete KentixONE software, intuitively usable
    in the web browser, for configuration and operation.
    Integrates seamlessly into your IT environment
    thanks to Secure LDAP.

  • Always everything in view - from everywhere

    The new
    network cameras

    With seamless integration into KentixONE
    you have access to live video at any time, detect people,
    know who was at the door and receive alerts with video

  • Detecting fires before they start

    MultiSensor with
    Thermal Image

    Kentix MultiSensor-Technology with
    4 factor early fire detection has already
    safed many companies from significant losses.

  • KentixONE is now available as a Docker-Container


    KentixONE is now available as a Docker container
    and thus as a virtualized application for many platforms.
    Use KentixONE without limitation in
    your IT environment.

Access control

Not only know who - when - where, but to grant and revoke access authorisations in real time and from anywhere.

Intrusion detection

Immediate alarm in the event of a burglary or attempted burglary with a deterrent effect on perpetrators.

Live video

Everything in view at all times with live video monitoring in real time. If an event is triggered, the camera records automatically.

Network monitoring

Continuously monitors the devices in the network and identifies faults before they become a serious threat.

Environmental monitoring

The continuous monitoring of the prescribed environmental standards reliably prevents quality losses.

Early fire detection

Fires are one of the most devastating dangers for a company. Early detection usually a potential fire hours before it starts.

External messages

As part of the infrastructure monitoring, the recording of messages from external systems provides even more security.

Power monitoring

Faults, interruptions or total failures are prevented thanks to real-time control of the energy conditions.


Physical Security - Made in Germany!

We are a manufacturer and develop software and hardware in-house. We even go a bit further, over 80% of our products are manufactured in Germany. Your advantage: fast response to customer and market requirements and high availability.

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