Kentix Certified Training (SmartAccess-Wireless)

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Certified Training SmartAccess

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Product number: CPT-SmartAccess
EAN: 4260300580589
Weight: 0.3 kg
Certification training incl. heavily subsidized StarterSet. This gives you everything you need for an uncomplicated project start and qualification as a Certified Partner.

With the StarterSets-DoorLock you get all the components you need to lay the foundation for an entire access system. Each of the Starter Sets allows you to manage access authorizations for up to 16 doors. AccessManager and doors can be networked together indefinitely, allowing you to create small and large access systems in no time at all.

The combination of AccessManager, wireless door knob (IP55) and master card set included in the StarterSet-DoorLock BASIC contains everything you need to quickly make a door online-capable.

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Stand-Alone oder in Verbindung mit AlarmManager

Anzahl Türen

Bis 16 DoorLock Geräte (Funk)


Bis zu 999 AccessManager im Master-Slave Verfahren vernetzbar

Management erfolgt über den Master AccessManager

Interner Speicher

5.000 Personen - Zugangsberechtigungen

100 Türprofile

100 Zeitprofile (Tageszeit, Wochentag)

SD Karte

Integrierter Micro SD Kartenhalter bis 128 GB

Akustischer Signalgeber

85dB, 2.3kHz


ALARM (Rot), RUN (Grün), LINK/ACT an LAN Buchse


10/100 Mbit LAN Anschluss mit PoE, Integrierter Web-Server

Ports: 443 TCP (HTTPS), 5222 TCP (Kentix360), 161 UDP (SNMP-GET), 162 UDP (SNMP-TRAP)

Spannungsversorgung (PoE)

PoE Klasse 2, Leistungsaufnahme ca. 3W

Funk DoorLock

868MHz, Verschlüsselung AES 128 Bit, Funkreichweite bis 25m abhängig von Gebäudestruktur/Umgebung

max. 16 DoorLock-Geräte pro AccessPoint möglich

KENTIX Systembuchse

RJ45, zum Anschluss externer Kentix Plug´n Play Module

Ansteuerung Alarmsysteme

Ansteuerung Kentix AlarmManager über Ethernet

Ansteuerung externer Einbruchmeldeanlagen mit Zwangsläufigkeit über IO Kontakte


Material: PS 90 x 90 x 45 mm Gewicht ca. 100g Farben: Carbon Schwarz


Temperatur 0 bis 50°C, Luftfeuchte 5-95%, nicht kondensierend

mit Außengehäuse bis zu -20°C


KXP-16-B (Gehäuse Schwarz)

KXP-16-W (Gehäuse Weiss)


Montagehalter, Montagematerial, Funk-Antenne, SlimLine-Kabel 3m


PoE Injektor (KPOE150S)

Power Adapter mit Netzteil (KIO3)




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Stand-Alone or in combination with AlarmManager

Number of doors

Up to 16 DorrLock devices (radio)


Up to 999 AccessManagers in Master-Slave mode linkable.

Management through master AccessManager.

Internal memory

5.000 persons - access permissions

100 door profiles

100 time profile (daytime, weekday)

SD card

Integrated Micro SD card holder up to 128 GB

Internal buzzer

85dB, 2.3kHz


ALARM (red), RUN (green), LINK/ACT at LAN connector


10/100 Mbit LAN interface with PoE, integrated Web-Server

Ports: 443 TCP (HTTPS), 5222 TCP (Kentix360), 161 UDP (SNMP-GET, 162 UDP (SNMP-TRAP)

Power supply (PoE)

 PoE class 2, Power consumption approx. 3W

Wireless DoorLock

868MHz, Encryption AES 128 Bit, Distance up to 25m depending on building structure and environment

up to 16 DoorLock-devices per AccessManager

KENTIX System port

RJ45, for the connection of external Kentix Plug´n Play modules

Alarm system control

Control with Kentix AlarmManager over Ethernet

Control of external intrusion alarm systems only via I/O contacts


Material: PS 90 x 90 x 45 mm, weight approx. 100g Color: Carbon black

Environmental conditions

Temperature 0 to 50°C, humidity 5-95%, non-condensing

With outdoor chassis up to -20°C possible


KXP-16-B (chassis Black)

KXP-16-W (chassis white)

Content of delivery

Mounting bracket, mounting material, antenna, SlimLine cable 3m


PoE Injector (KPOE150S)

Power Adapter with power supply (KIO1, KIO3)



  • Training
  • Certification
  • 1 RFID radio door knob (MIFARE® DESFire) for interior doors
  • 1 AccessManager LAN
  • 1 SlimLine cable 3m
  • 1 master card set
  • Mounting material

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