Next Level Physical Security with KentixONE

Securing business-critical infrastructures becomes a simple task with KentixONE. Eight important security systems are available to you in one IoT application. With the intuitive web GUI or smartphone app, you are always in full control.

8 in 1 for more security, overview and relief

Access control, environment monitoring, early fire detection, intrusion alarm, live video surveillance, power monitoring, fault message management, network monitoring - all these individual functions are combined in the KentixONE platform and are configured via a convenient web GUI.

The big advantage is that you don't have to buy the software separately; it is already included in all IP-capable Kentix devices. For medium to large projects, our SiteManagers are also available as powerful appliances or Docker VMs. You always retain data sovereignty and decide for yourself whether to operate KentixONE as an on-premise or cloud solution.