KentixONE SiteManager

KentixONE SiteManager is the basis for an end-to-end PSIM solution (Physical Security Information Management). With one system, you maintain full control over your complete physical infrastructure and consolidate all data centrally. With KentixONE, SiteManager includes an intuitive web user interface for the complete management of a decentralized infrastructure. KentixONE SiteManager is web-based, redundancy, multi-tenant and multi-client capable, and consolidates all KentixONE software modules into a secure high-performance embedded system (physical) or Docker Container (virtual). With KentixONE, updates (manual download) and technical support are always included free of charge in the basic version.
Get the most out of your SiteManager: When you activate KentixONE-GO, you receive all updates automatically. You also benefit from secure remote access and control via app (without user restriction) and extended technical support with guaranteed response time and call-back service if required.

Maximum performance

SiteManager is the right choice for medium to large projects. As with all Kentix systems, the web-based KentixONE software is always integrated. We recommend SiteManager when maximum performance is required.
KentixONE SiteManager as hardware appliance
  • KentixONE already integrated
  • Monitored threats: > 40
  • Low power consumption (5W)
  • Dual Ethernet
  • E-MAIL - VDS2465 - APP (KentixONE-GO)
High-Performance ARM Quad Core System with KentixONEFanless system, 2x Ethernet 100Mbit (LAN1/2), 2x USB, 4x Digital-IO, SD card slot, mounting on 35mm DIN rail, power 24VDC/10Watt, real time clock with battery CR1220 (10 years), temperature range 0-55°C, size (HxWxD) 111x25x76mm, content of delivery: SiteManager, plug-in power supply 230VAC/24VDC

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KentixONE SiteManager as Docker container
  • KentixONE Docker Image
  • Easy installation from Kentix repository
  • Monitored threats: > 40
  • Suitable for large systems
  • E-MAIL - VDS2465 - App (KentixONE-GO)
SiteManager as software Docker container with KentixONE.Delivery as "Licence-Key", installation via Kentix Docker repository.Requirement for operation: Exisiting Docker environment to install the image from the Kentix repository (Software-Downlaod)Experience working with Docker containersMore details see: Docker Documentation

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available from Q1/2022

HARDWARE or SOFTWARE, that is the question?

The SiteManager is generally intended for larger projects or distributed systems. As with all Kentix systems, the web-based KentixONE software is always integrated. We generally recommend SiteManager when maximum performance is required:

  • More than 250 users
  • More than 25 AccessManagers
  • More than 50 MultiSensors
  • More than 200 SmartPDUs
  • More than 25 video cameras
  • Distributed properties
  • System redundancy is required

Both variants, hardware-appliance or software Docker container, are functionally equivalent and always include KentixONE in the same functional scope.
The advantage of the hardware appliance is the very simple handling and integration into the IT, with the possibility of simple network separation through two separate Ethernet ports.
The Docker container offers, depending on the host machine, much more power for large and high performance systems. In the context of container orchestration, this results in a highly flexible system for maximum performance and scalability.

Extensions for SiteManager as a hardware-appliance

Power Supply (EU) 24VDC/12Watt
Power supply (EU) for supply of Kentix SiteManager (KSM-DR1-x), connection via 2-pole plug (WAGO 714-102), Input Voltage 100-240VAC, Output Voltage 24VDC/0.5A, Temperature Range 0-50°C, Size 43,5x33x39mm, Weight ca. 110g

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19-Inch 4U Mounting Frame with DIN-Rail 35mm
19" mounting frame with 4U for mounting up to 22 modules (Division Units) on DIN rail (35mm), height: 176mm, material: sheet metal 2mm, scope of delivery: 19" frame

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