StarterSet SmartMonitoring

KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) Battery Sysport 4G-Modem
Starter set for entry into Kentix SmartMonitoring technology for seamless room and building monitoring. Expandable at any time with SmartAccess, SmartVideo and SmartPDU devices. Already integrated KentixONE software via web server (HTTPS) and 4G modem for redundant SMS alarming.

Monitoring of:
Temperature, humidity, climate control, smoldering fire / fire / fire gases (CO), intrusion / unauthorized access, access to unauthorized sub-areas (racks/cabinets), line loss / cable defects, failure of active system components, failure of services (HTTP,SMTP,VPN etc.), defective equipment fans, mains voltage failure, UPS defect failure, UPS remaining runtime and capacity.

  • Possibility to connect up to 250 MultiSensors via radio and LAN
  • Integrated LTE modem with slot for SIM card
  •  SNMP for integration into monitoring systems
  • Alarming via E-MAIL (SSL), SMS or SNMP trap

Server room environment monitoring according to basic protection (ISO27001)

Constant monitoring of the server room for temperature, humidity and intruders to ensure the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure.

Ambient monitoring for storage rooms

Monitoring of climate conditions in storage rooms to ensure optimal storage conditions for sensitive goods.

Monitor office space for burglary, fire, climate

Comprehensive monitoring of the office for movement, temperature and air quality to ensure safety and comfort.

Monitor air conditioning and indoor climate

Monitoring of the air conditioning system ensures efficient performance and prevents malfunctions to optimize indoor climate and energy efficiency.

Monitor rooms for intrusion & movement

Detection of movements in rooms to safeguard and prevent security risks and losses.

Monitor humidity dew point and climate

Monitoring humidity and indoor climate for optimal indoor conditions or to prevent mold growth.

Detect water leakage in server room

Early detection of water leaks in the server room prevents potential damage to expensive IT infrastructure and data loss.

Detect water leakage from dishwasher

Water leakage monitoring for dishwashers protects against water damage and helps avoid unplanned repairs.

Detect water leakage on machine

Water leakage monitoring on machines is used to safeguard production processes and prevent expensive production downtime.

Detect water leakage from pipeline

Monitoring water leaks from pipes minimizes water damage and increases safety in buildings.

Monitor UPS for status and fault

UPS system monitoring ensures the functionality of the uninterruptible power supply and protects against data loss during power outages.

Monitor generator for condition and malfunction

Continuous monitoring of generators ensures that they are ready to go when needed and provide smooth operation.

Monitor fuse for status and fault

Condition monitoring of circuit breakers to react quickly to fuse failures and ensure service quality

Monitor power quality and phase condition

The monitoring of phases, voltages and currents of the power grid is used to detect irregularities and to prevent failures in advance.

Optical-acoustic alarming of plant conditions

Optical and acoustic alarm informs and warns on site about critical conditions or malfunctions

Scare away burglars in buildings and rooms

The very loud acoustic signaling on site causes uncertainty and disorientation in rooms

Live video surveillance for indoor

Real-time video surveillance for indoor areas enables continuous monitoring and rapid intervention in case of suspicious situations or security incidents.

Live video surveillance for outdoor

Real-time video surveillance for outdoor areas ensures constant monitoring and protection against unauthorized access or vandalism.

Video recording of building access

Automatic video recording at access ensures a comprehensive security protocol and enables subsequent checks.

Video recording during alarm and fault situations

When an alarm is triggered, a video recording is automatically started to document possible incidents or alarm situations.


MultiSensor-LAN with PoE (Black)
KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) Sysport
  • Integrated sensors: 8
  • Monitored threats: up to 19
  • Web server (HTTPS)
  • LAN-RADIO (BLE) repeater integrated
MultiSensor for comprehensive room monitoring of up to 20 hazards. Monitors an area of approx. 20-25m². Connection is via Ethernet with PoE (Class 1) and thus requires no further cabling. Operation is possible as a stand-alone sensor with already integrated KentixONE software (HTTPS) or via a networked KentixONE system with AlarmManager or SiteManager. It is mounted on the ceiling using the supplied mounting bracket. Optionally, mounting in the IT rack is also possible with the 19" bracket (accessory).Integrated sensors: temperature, humidity, dew point, carbon monoxide sensor (CO), 360° PIR motion sensor, 3-axis G-sensor, digital input/outputs.Also ideal as an independent room sensor to complement network monitoring systems (PRTG, Nagios, CheckMK, etc) via SNMP-V2/3 or REST API. The sensor can also send alarm email in stand-alone mode.

€525.00 excl. VAT
MultiSensor with Ethernet (PoE) and Thermal-Image
KentixONE LAN (PoE) Radio (BLE) Sysport
  • Integrated sensors: 9
  • Monitored threats: up to 20
  • 4-factor early fire detection
  • Web server (HTTPS)
  • LAN-RADIO (BLE) repeater integrated
MultiSensor with integrated 1024px thermal-cam sensor for 4-factor early fire detection and extented environmental monitoring.Full software on board with integrated web server (HTTPS), standalone operation or connection to Kentix AlarmManager-PRODetection angle: 90°Integrated sensors with monitoring of: Temperature, humidity, dew point, smoldering fire (CO),  air quality, air-pressure, motion, acceleration-vibration (G), two external dry-contacts.Alarm notification via e-mail, SNMP traps (V2/3), web-hooks (REsT-API) or via AlarmManager SMS and PUSH.
Field of view

€675.00 excl. VAT
MultiSensor-ROOM (black) battery powered and wireless
Radio (BLE) Battery
  • Integrated sensors: 6
  • Monitored threats: up to 15
  • Wireless (BLE)
  • Battery (approx. 4 years)
Wireless MultiSensor for ceiling mounting and monitoring of rooms and areas up to approx. 25m². The MultiSensor-ROOM is battery operated and has a long battery life of up to 4 years. It is connected to a MultiSensor LAN via radio (BLE).Integrated sensors for: Temperature, humidity, dew point, early fire detection, motion, vibration/shock.

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MultiSensor-DOOR (Black) wireless and battery powered
Radio (BLE) Battery
  • Integrated sensors: 6
  • Monitored threats: up to 10
  • Wireless (BLE)
  • Battery (approx. 4 years)
Ultra-compact MultiSensor for intrusion and status monitoring of doors and windows including ambient monitoring of temperature, humidity and dew point. The sensor is additionally equipped with a 3-axis G-sensor and detects vibration and position changes (sabotage detection, attempted break-in, glass breakage).The MultiSensor-DOOR replaces classic door contacts and can be mounted very easily by gluing or screwing it on. The supplied door/window magnet serves as a counterpart for secure opening detection.The MultiSensor-DOOR is battery operated and has a long battery life (up to four years). It is connected to an MultiSenor-LAN via radio (BLE).

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Digital I/O-Module with 16-Inputs and Ethernet (PoE)
  • 16 digital inputs
  • connection of external alarm messages
  • Integrated web server
  • Power over ethernet (PoE)
The I/O expansion module connects to an AlarmManager/SiteManager and is used to connect external alarm messages. The communication takes place via Ethernet. Thus, the module can be mounted at any location. The configuration is done in the KentixONE..16 digital inputs for dry-contacts (e.g. air-conditioning, UPS system, external sensors, etc.)

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Leakagesensor KLS03
  • Plug 'n Play connection
  • Sensor sensitivity adjustable
  • 5-fold cascadable
  • Monitored for cable break
The leakage sensor is used to detect water leakage on the floor and is connected to an AlarmManager, MultiSensor or a SmartPDU directly to the "Kentix system socket". It continuously detects conductivity via multiple electrodes directly on the housing or additionally via a sensor cable.The sensor has an integrated point sensor with adjustable sensitivity. The versions with sensor cable (KLS03-ROPE-10/20) detect water in addition to the point sensor over the entire sensor cable length (10/20m). The sensitivity of the point sensor is 1-2ml water, the sensitivity of the sensor cable is approx. 10ml water over 20cm cable length.The leakage sensor can be cascaded up to 5 times and is therefore also suitable for large rooms.
Sensor cable

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Delivery Contents

  • 1x SiteManager-(KSM-DR-01)
  • 1x MultiSensor-LAN-RF (KMS-LAN-B-BLE)
  • 2x MultiSensor-DOOR (KMS-DOOR-B-BLE)
  • 2x SlimLine patch cable 3m
  • 1x Kentix360 SIM card